Fatty Alcohols

We made the first move in manufacturing of long-chain fatty alcohols (C12 to C22) in India, and continue to be leaders in the C16-C18 (Ceto-Stearyl) range, used in home and personal care, pharmaceuticals, etc. in this product category.

We have also established a niche in manufacturing and supplying the whole range of Behenyl alcohols (C22) for use in oil fields, paper, and personal care industries.

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Cetostearyl Alcohol SPECS MSDS


Ginol 1618-PS    


Ginol 1618 50:50    


Ginol 1618 - TA    


Ginol 1618 60:40    


Cetyl Alcohol SPECS MSDS


Ginol 16 (95%)    


Ginol 16 (98%)    


Ginol 16 (99%)    


Stearyl Alcohol SPECS MSDS


Ginol 18 (95%)    


Ginol 18 (98%)    


Ginol 18 (99%)    


Behenyl Alcohol SPECS MSDS


Ginol 1822    


Ginol 22